Marriage with Love: A Dead Institution?

Caarin and Nick from a little under 3000 miles away

I know that I have been trying to stray away from writing as many “streams of consciousness” and have been trying to transform this blog of sorts into more of a “rough” gallery for my art to be displayed.  However, there is something worth mentioning when pertaining to a very serious matter on the concept of marriage in such an ass-backwards nation we call “the land of the free”.

The concept of marriage has long been instituted under the realm of religious ceremonies, as well as having overlying qualifications in the sector of government.  That within itself is contradictory in nature based on the set up of our government and a very important article about the separation of Church and State (thus, separating Religion and Government).  This contradictory set of rules is actually not the point, considering that I will not be able to convince any one individual that we should either base marriage on a strictly governmental basis or a strictly religious basis.

The point here is to make firm mention that, in my opinion at least, marriage has long been lost as an institute of “love” and pure affection and intimacy, care and companionship, thick or thin, etc etc, and has since then been turned into a financial institute with legal loopholes and religious biases.

First point.

Marriage can and probably should have some level of government intervention involved due to the sole fact that their are statistics and such that need to be upheld “for the record books”.  But there should really be nothing more.  One can not get married today due to financial constraints, age constraints, and various other bourgeois standards set up by an elite class of pompous legal manipulators with eyes set on screwing over the institution of love.  Yes, I know, I’m being radical and opinionated.  But seriously, can one argue to me that it is plausible to convince someone of supposed aged “wisdom” that a young couple is ready to get married?  Or even live together for that matter?  Due to the infinite number of fuck-ups committed by a generation before us, and the generations before them, there are various constraints placed on the youth who find themselves to be in love (oh, wait, I meant infatuated and in lust for one another, since no one under the age of 30-35 knows what love is).  Well, to be extremely blunt and sharp-tongued, I will go out on a limb and tell the lists of the aged wise folk out there to fuck off, and to reconsider their viewpoints based not on their screw-ups, but rather, on the things they did, enjoyed, and don’t regret. Personally, I just find it extremely tiresome that I may have finally found a method for my happiness, a significant other that seems to truly care for me, and I get the feedback, nay, the push-back, from others who seem to think they know that their vague advice is the way in which life should be led (see the Dunning-Kruger Effect if you do not comprehend the idea that you may be a little less justified in your “wisdom” than you may think you are).

Second point.

I also understand the concept of marriage being an institution of religion.  however, marriage is based on love, not on what vague, indescribable, unprovable force one may praise (Note: I do not deny the existence of a god, but nor do I constitute the belief of one).  If two people find themselves to be in an inextricable entanglement of love and devotion, let them be.  Do not ostracize or criticize based on outside  factors that have absolutely nothing to do with how much they care for one another.  This is a value everyone should be able to understand and eventually share.  If two people coexist in a beautiful and harmonious fashion, with content, love, commitment, and care infused into their relationship, then it should not matter their color, religion, creed, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, health history, mental health history, what their children will be like, and so on.

Which leads me to Third point.

Marriage is not a scientific institute in order to procreate and breed the perfect humanoid devoid of any health problems, mental health illnesses, and imperfections in body form.  A child should be loved by his parents no matter what the circumstances are.  And if their is a man and a woman fully devoted to one another, then in turn they will have no problems being able to love that child whom they created, with “abnormalities and all”.  My basis is this.  No one is perfect.  We all have defects.  We all have various nuances, illnesses, and even just predispositions to these multitudinous factors which make us HUMAN.  If one is to base their marriage off of a list of credentials in order to “breed” the perfect child, then they might as well just consider creating a robot and loving a pile of metal.

The entirety of this excerpt is to point out to others surrounding a couple in love that they have no right, no privilege even, to tell that couple how to love one another, or how they can show their love for each other.  Those surrounding a couple in love only have such rights to support that couple and to love that couple.

Unfortunately, love is a dying institution in this country.  An institution that is among the ranks of certain other inalienable rights associated with being a person.  Hopefully one day someone, some renegade elite-member of the repressive structures will realize what wrongs are being committed, and will finally make a stand to reform.

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